Picture Gallery

Thanks again to our photographers for all the pictures taken on our wedding day (Oct 7, 2002). To view pictures you can either click on the following section links or on the thumbnails below.

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|Group Pictures| Lunch Reception & Toast| Cake Cutting| Bouquet Toss|
|Pictures of Family| Guests with the Newlyweds| Pictures of Guests]

Footprints: Glimpses from our lives before our wedding

We had a photoboard at our wedding of pictures from our lives - since we had scanned them all already anyway for the board, it was easy to put them online as well...

Photoboard: (click to enlarge)

Individual pictures: (click to go to section)




Our Wedding Album

Bride & Groom
(11 pictures)

Brazilian Room Setup
(16 pictures)

The Bride's Preparations
(10 pictures)

The Ceremony
(including tea ceremony,
ring exchange, and vows)
(19 pictures)

Group Pictures
(20 pictures)

Lunch Reception & Toast
(12 pictures)

Cake Cutting
(11 pictures)

Bouquet Toss
(8 pictures)

Pictures of Family
(23 pictures)

Guests with the Newlyweds
(28 pictures)

Pictures of Guests
(62 pictures)

Wedding Favors

These are the pictures we used for our favors from our pre-wedding photo shoot. Pleave visit the favors page for more information.

Future Additions...

There are still a few loose ends that we hope to include at some point, but haven't had a chance to get to yet... One goal is to digitize the best parts of the wedding video and put them online (since we need to digitize the video anyway, to be able to show it in Malaysia). We also hope to make a CD of the pictures that we posted that would include the high-quality originals that we distilled into the version you see here (the originals were much to large to post).

In the meantime, if you'd like the full-size digital source for any particular image, or if you would like to be notified when we complete either/or the CD and the digital clips, please send us an email to get on our notification list .