Wedding Haikus and Poems From Family & Friends


Mark and our Chen-Nee,
Blending the cultural stew,
Apple Pie Satay.

"Tilden Park" - the place,
"October 7th" - the day,
"Love and Joy" - the thing.

All Cal Alumni,
Sing "Hail to California",
When they think of you.

The big and the small,
a hug mushes face and chest,
your love overflows.

~~~ Dan Garcia

Raccoon and Cal bear,
in Davis they make their lair,
what a lovely pair!

Two love birds in flight,
over mountains cross the seas,
to Davis they nest.

~~~ John Heck, Uthara Srinivasan,

Niny Khor, Theen-Theen Tan,
Chee-Whye Chin & Wendy Kang

Two love birds in flight,
farewell sweet bay dear Cal bears,
to Davis, they nest!

Love birds in blue skies,
goodbye Cal, bay and brown hills,
Davis- home sweet home!

Penang Kensington,
decades passed thousands miles crossed,
for this sweet knot - tied!

~~~Variations by Niny Khor

Beautiful wedding,
Chen-Nee and Mark what great love,
family love friends.

Mark before Chen-Nee,
was incomplete, searching life,
has wife, now husband.

~~~Belinda Young

Mark and Chen-Nee, wed,
True love, found, celebrated,
Two lives best entwined.

~~~ Jukka-Pekka &
Melissa Vainio

Dear Mark and Chen-Nee:
Love is just beginning now;
live, love, and cherish.

~~~ Karen Thomas

Mark, Chen-Nee today,
We come here from near and far,
to wish you love in every way.

(Not a haiku, but rhymes!)

~~~Val/Dick Thomas

Forever the two,
Mark and Chen-Nee will stay true,
make lots of babies!

~~~ SzuWei Hsieh
Once upon a time,
there was a Malaysian girl,
who reached nirvana.

But why you may ask,
it is obvious you can see,
just look at her smile.

~~~Tom Zambito III

When Chen-Nee Met Mark,
All sheep smiled in the park,
so cute! they remark!
(You need to play Settlers of Catan
to appreciate this)

~~~ Claudio Pinello & Alessandra Nardi

A Fairy Tale: Two Cal Bears

~~~ Ed Spiller, Sr.

Thirty years ago at autumn time,
An event occurred that was sublime,
A child was born, oh what a joy,
Named Mark, because it was a boy.

Continents away the following year,
Saw the birth of another dear,
Because she was a girl, you see,
She was given the name Chen-Nee.

Living, as it happened, worlds apart,
They both grew up healthy and smart,
And much to their families' elation,
They strove hard for a good education.

Being people of different races,
They initially studied at different places,
Shifting their ambitions into highest gear,
As both aimed to become an engineer.

Both were naturally unaware before,
That fate had something special for them in store,
Subconsciously perhaps both felt the need for a pal,
Maybe that's what drew Chen-Nee to Cal.

And the beginning of their love sensation,
Came at the ceremony of their masters' graduation,
They liked each other and reached the conclusion,
That here were grounds for close collusion.

Computer science and networking go together,
Like sunny days and perfect weather,
And to assure full global village compliance,
They formed a German-American-Chinese-Malaysian alliance.

Reasoning the global village is here to stay,
They agreed to belong together, come what may,
And while other loving couples go to Paris in the fall,
They did their secret dating at Cal's Cory Hall.

The pronouncement then came clear and loud,
And that's how today's wedding came about,
Let there be merriment, joy, and laughter,
And may their marriage last happily forever hereafter!