Before Oct 7, we sometimes doubted whether we could pull a wedding off in under two months of planning and preparation. Luckily, thanks to all of our wonderful helpers, we had a beautiful wedding and lots of sweet memories that we will cherish forever.

    We are particularly grateful to the Spiller & Chuah families for their love, support, patience, and for embracing our many crazy ideas with good cheer.

    We would also like to thank our many friends who volunteered their time, and shared their talents in photography, videography, arts/crafts, flower arranging,...

More about our heroes ...


Spiller & Chuah families busy working on the photoboard. Mama Spiller made sure we were well fed during the last few stressful days right before the wedding, and Papa Spiller did a great job with the introductions, toasts, and poem during the wedding reception. Chen-Nee's sisters provided input on the tea ceremony.

Mark's sister, Shirley, helped with set-up, and kept the kids out of trouble.

Mark's aunt, Helga, officiated our wedding.

Mark's uncle, Karl, provided limousine service for us.

The Wedding Coordinator and her Assistants

Chien-Ning Yu & Jocelyn Nee

Sharad Agarwal (standing)

Chee-Whye Chin

This team was the first to arrive on the big day, and jumped right to work! Jocelyn, our main wedding coordinator, was kept busy with a thick stack of print-outs (instruction sheets, seating assignments, picture groups, labels, etc.), and worked closely with our other helpers. Our assistant coordinators, Chien-Ning, Sharad, and Chee-Whye, helped with the general set-up both inside and outside the Brazilian Building. End result? Everything went beautifully!

Photographers & Videographer

David Gay, Uthara Srinivasan, Ching Shang, and Li Yi were our dedicated photographers. Thanks to them and other guests, we had over 1000 analog and digital pictures to choose from (including all of the pictures on these pages). Ching also helped take the pictures for our wedding favors.

Adam Costello (bottom right) helped capture the special moments at our wedding on videotape.

Ching Shang

Li Yi

Adam Costello, carefully videotaping.

Musicians & Artists

Many thanks to Heloise and Jukka-Pekka for all the time they spent practicing the pieces that they played for our wedding ceremony.

Jukka-Pekka Vainio, the cellist

Heloise Hse, the pianist

Uthara Srinivasan drew the raccoon & the polar bear that greeted the guests as they signed in.

Maria Bauer, a family friend, did an amazing job arranging the roses for the bouquet, car, and the cake/head/guest tables


Hostess at Sign-in Table & Ushers

Theen-Theen Tan & Niny Khor

Tao Ye & Dan Garcia
Theen-Theen and Niny greeted guests at the entrance, and helped them navigate the seat assignments, photo groups, memo boards, etc.

Tao and Dan distributed and "proctored" the wedding pop-quiz. Together with John, they helped usher guests to their seats and to organize the group pictures.

John Heck

Pre-Wedding Helpers

Claudio Pinello and Alessandra Nardi

Tz Yin Lin

Remember the paper invitation you received in the mail? Claudio meticulously measured and punched the holes on both the card and vellum to make sure they were centered, while Alessandra helped tie the ribbons.

Tz Yin helped shuttle the Chuah family the evening before and the morning of the wedding.

Last, but definitely not least, thank you to all of you for the roles that you have played in our lives!; the time you've spent with us, the ideas and inspiration you shared with us, and the thoughts that you've triggered (both knowingly and un-knowingly!). We've made it to where we are in no small part thanks to you, and really appreciate you in our lives...